its been a while..

back from montreal..
recovering from a cold... getting better though

THANK YOU for my life
i have a crazy fup special life.. im an outlier and i am thankful
thankful for the adventures ive gone on this year and the great people i continue meeting
i cant believe this year ive done NY, SF, maui, vancouver, MTL already..

i just wanted to say thank you
learn how to say thank you and mean it!

kind of shitty

but doing better..

(i fell up some escalators and cut my knee and bruised it so i havent been walking normal these last few days)

the gay that came over today .. who i scolded yesterday so he brought me donuts and roses..
the roses are sitting in the wine bottle vase.. that some other guy brought over a few nights before...

(no subject)

shingle scars going away
found ted.com so insightful about brains psychology synthetic happiness.. blogging
(hence this post)

did a mini work out.. starting a cleanse.. getting ready to move
I'm going to stay to Toronto until at least the fall.. maybe in springtime ill be headed somewhere new...

countdown to T-P!

on and on

ok 3rd day of treatment

so i likely didnt post about this but i just finished a nasty sinus infection 2nd worse over sickness..
then NY ..but i had this red bump didnt look like anything but it grew and grew
and it ate NY
or at least my left side.. it kept spreading all weekend
and the big party i had to bandage myself up and it held up the mess!

and get this it was shingles
so ive been down and out with a bistery rash .. HORRIBLE...

anyways im on whatever antivirals
and as for holistic side 420cookies and painkillers

i just swomped down $15 worth of mcD .. no well they over charged me $5 but i got it back.. but damn that pie was yummy

anyways get me better please and thank you!


you need less out of love when you're young
and when you're older you need more, them to have their own place, a stable job, not too manyy mental problems..
it used to be more fun!

because we feel like we're running out of time?

do you remember when back then you could just date, here there.. lighter, less "this must be perfect or else?" or maybe it just seemed more perfec then..

just looking back at who i dated in college (university really but college is just a cooler word i say!) i would HAVE NEVER DATED THEM NOW!

my tastes have changed a bit..
i swear though it used to be back then any nice guy that liked you back you would go out for maybe a few months..(i guess in university its not the real word so maybe the university population while in university are more date-able statistically?)

in the real world you are trying to build some kind of life out of the mess that's out there
in university you know you are stuck there doing the same thing for 4 years and it had to be done.. and everyone was the same thing? so depending how you saw it, it was a good thing and we all ran by the same schedule of school, social life, purpose, common interests..

anyways IM fourtooed!


its been like 2 years since posting..
should i revive this..?

i was totally reading some of my old posts and I was hilarious
I honest to god cant remember writing half this stuff... who was I back then?..
who am i now?

i was a mouthy little fuck
and i used: go SUCK A FUCK, loves it!

Transformers Spoilers and Flaws

Overall a good spectacle movie

Here were the problems and loose ends
Beware.. sort of spoilers:

-That virus that cripples all the worlds communications.. how do you just defeat when this is highly superior viral coding

-why bother with the spark making evil pop machine and microwave (when the guy is running)

-if the spark can be used for good and evil (as it is supposed to be) why didnt they use it for good and make good robots (that is what the spark is able to do)

-what was the big plan? Run to the roof with the spark so a helicopter can run away with it? Cuz thats going to work.. the bad guys are way faster.. and destroyed the helicopters anyways (that guy running was for nothing)

-storyline with the rogue code expert and super code genius black guy was weak.. they didnt discover anything.. i figured they were going to manage to do something to help instead no... he managed to get a code out.. send helicopters..
way to go!

-Good pace.. the only slow thing was when he was searching his room.. the whole be quiet be quiet thing.. just go search your room.. and STF up.

-how did the good guys know that there was an imprint on his glasses of the location of the spark? (there was only like one of them on the planet)

that's all I can remember for now..

-it was a bit heavy in terms of US military.. the amount of jobs that it provides is staggering

as well when the movie first started why did the scorpion deceptacon wait so long to kill those guys? humans are easy to pick off.. and if you are evil and want to kill them anyways.. DO IT!